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Family Testimonials

"Wenshin is absolutely amazing. She works with my son in a different way in order to facilitate his unique language acquisition path. My son feels happy and confident when working with Wenshin and we have seen the progress he has made. After the session, Wenshin also gives us a lot of strategies to use and materials to read at home. I just wish we have started a lot earlier."                                                            

- Ms. J, parent

"We're very grateful that we found Wenshin among other bilingual SLPs in the San Diego area. We reached out to her for an evaluation when our 4yo had limited verbal communication in his primary language Mandarin and didn't start to speak English after 16 months in preschool/UTK. Wenshin spent hours in a thorough evaluation including parent intake, play based evaluation, and listening to parent provided conversation samples. She gave us insight into the fact that our little one is a gestalt language processor (GLP) and coached us on how to help him with language acquisition in both Mandarin and English according to the natural language acquisition (NLA) framework. Compared to the testing-based speech evaluation method (of a short duration) used by our other in-network providers, her evaluation was more natural to children and insightful to parents. Wenshin comes to our home regularly for child led play style therapy. She keeps detailed notes and provides timely feedback after each therapy session. She invests time in answering our questions and teaching us how to model simple phrases and mix-and-match word play to help our little one in daily life. Our little one likes her very much and feels that she’s a teacher/friend and is willing to open himself up to talk to her. He has made great progress in English and Mandarin proficiencies in a few months. Each time he has fresh utterances and more complex verbal expressions, we and Wenshin cheer up."

- Alice, parent


"I've enjoyed talking to Wenshin who provided various advice on speech improvement for my 2-year-old son. He was a late talker and I sought out Wenshin for her parent consultation service. I can tell Wenshin is passionate about this field just from the questions she asked me. She was patient and kind and gave me numerous tips to implement to encourage my son to talk. I highly recommend trying Wenshin out for pediatric speech therapy."                              

- Mrs. C, parent



“At 18 months, our son, Marshall, was really only saying one word: “ba” for ball. By the time we were able to start services at 20 months, he had just started saying a few more words like “mama” and “dada”, but he was still way behind his milestones. Wenshin came into our home for the first time masked, friendly, and bubbly, literally and figuratively. She quickly gained Marshall’s trust and friendship through the delight of bubbles, even saying “pop” as they giggled together. Wenshin made sure to give me the tools that I needed to help Marshall succeed. She changed the way that I communicated with him to help correct his speech delay. After 6 months, he was meeting his milestones and we reached our goal! He now loves talking to his teachers and friends at school and driving his parents crazy. We were so lucky to have such a fantastic Speech Therapist like Wenshin!”

- Erica, parent


「孩子的語言遲緩、仿說,我們帶他嘗試過不同機構不同的治療師,但一直是遇到文馨後才開始有顯著的進步與改善!我的孩子每週都很期待和文馨的speech session,因為他感覺自己說的話被了解、不懂得表達的想法,文馨也會model示範講給他,讓他學習怎麼正確且自然的用語言表達自己。Child-led therapy的方式,也真的讓孩子能在玩樂中自然、自主的學習,而非強迫或是不自然的制式化語言。文馨也會教導我們家長如何在日常生活中扮演「偵探」的角色。去細想孩子想表達的,用小孩的第一人稱去示範講出來,幫孩子建立更多的語言資料庫。也因為我們家長自已學會改變和孩子說話的方式,孩子的進步也更多了!謝謝文馨總是充滿耐心,也非常好溝通。真的可以很放心的把孩子交給文馨!我真的真的真的非常推薦!」

- Ms. C, parent


「我一开始感到好焦虑因为我三岁儿子还不说话,文馨给了我最大的帮助,她不断鼓励引导我,跟我说我做得很好,也教了我很多有效的陪玩方式。我儿子超喜欢她,她具备经验、耐心、专业、 温柔。 在她的教导下,我儿子有很大的进步。」                                                    - Ms. H, parent



- Mrs. L, parent

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